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Honor National Osteoporosis Month
with Sunsweet® - Sunsweet is a proud supporter of the National Osteoporosis Foundation. Like you, we’re dedicated to healthy diets and we’re especially proud to honor National Osteoporosis Month by helping educate people about bone health. - National Osteoporosis Month - Grab a Snack To Go - Radicchio Salad with Sunsweet® Amaz!n™ Prunes
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May is National Osteoporosis Month. Research suggests that enjoying 5-6 prunes a day supports bone health—helping keep osteoporosis at arm’s length. Learn More >>
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Radicchio Salad with Sunsweet® Amaz!n™ Prunes
Ingredients: 1 Large Radicchio, 2 Chicory, 5 oz Sunsweet® Pitted Prunes, 7 oz Papaya Fruit Flesh, 2 Tbsp Pine Nuts, 4 tsp Dijon Mustard Cream (alt.: medium strength mustard), Juice of 1 lemon, 2 Tbsp Oil (preferably nut oil), 4 Tbsp Vegetable Broth, Salt, Pepper, 1 Pinch Sugar, Mint leaves - Instructions: Roast pine nuts in a small frying pan without adding any fat. Let cool. Clean radicchio and chicory, removing the stems, rinse and cut both into bite-sized pieces. Peel papaya, remove seeds with a spoon and cut into small pieces. Half or quarter prunes, as desired. Mix lemon juice, mustard cream, oil, and vegetable fond or broth. Season with salt, pepper, and sugar. Arrange radicchio, chicory, papaya, and prunes and mix with dressing. Sprinkle with pine nuts and mint leaves and serve. Prep Time: 10 minutes - Cook Time: 5 minutes
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