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December 2009
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Other Nutrition News

Food Safety a Complex Issue in Schools
USA Today reports that schools are “in the dark about tainted lunches” and details the complexities of keeping students safe.

Food Allergies Rising, Causes Unclear
This news is according to an article in the Los Angeles Times that reports the statistics and questions the roots of increased prevalence.

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Editor’s E-Note

During this year’s Food & Nutrition Conference & Exhibition in Denver, more than 100 attendees gathered one evening for a special screening of the food documentary FRESH, hosted by the American Dietetic Association’s Hunger and Environmental Nutrition dietetic practice group.

Melinda Hemmelgarn, MS, RD, LD, who in recent months has contributed several stories to our “Food for Thought” column, helped coordinate the event, which featured not only the movie but also a film-inspired healthy feast—the ingredients of which would have delighted FRESH’s production staff. Rounding out the event was a panel discussion, which was “key in helping the audience ‘digest’ the film’s concepts and develop ‘next steps,’” says Hemmelgarn.

Today’s Dietitian contributing editor Sharon Palmer, RD, attended the screening and blogged about her experience on her Web site. Read that, and then check out this month’s E-News Exclusive: a Q & A with the FRESH director herself, Ana Joanes. You can also hear Hemmelgarn’s radio interview with Joanes via a podcast at

— Heather W. Gurk, editor

Nominate a Dedicated and Deserving Dietitian


To coincide with National Nutrition Month and Registered Dietitianís Day 2010 (Wed., March 10), Todayís Dietitian magazine will honor dedicated and deserving dietitians who are nominated by you, their peers and fellow nutrition professionals. To nominate a candidate, click here and fill out our online form.

Nomination Criteria:
1. A Registered Dietitian who has gone above and beyond his or her job description to make a real difference in the lives of clients or in the community.
2. An RD who has overcome significant challenges in his or her career and risen to new heights of success and influence.
3. An RD who, over time, has achieved a high standard of excellence as a nutrition professional.

Several nominees will be selected on the strength of their nominations and contacted with a request to be interviewed as part of a feature story in the March issue of Todayís Dietitian. Honor a dietitian you admire and visit our nomination form here.

E-News Exclusive

Behind the Scenes With the Director of FRESH
By Sharon Palmer, RD

If the food documentary Food, Inc is an eye-opener on how broken our industrial food system is, then the film FRESH is a salve to mend our food system’s wounds.

There’s no question that FRESH spends its fair share of time pointing out how today’s modern agriculture of monocultures and factory farms creates unsustainable levels of pollution and environmental degradation, as well as unhealthy conditions for animals and people. But this film tends to linger longer over positive images of an idyllic food and agriculture scenario—from a Virginia farmer plucking a bouquet of wild grasses that creates the ideal diet for his cows to an urban farm activist teaching inner-city kids about the power of healthy soil. At the film’s conclusion, you can’t wait to feel dirt beneath your own fingers—anything to become part of a healthy, sustainable food system.

Ana Joanes, producer and director of FRESH, was born in Portugal and grew up in Switzerland. She followed a travel-abroad program to the United States, where she eventually graduated from Columbia Law School and dedicated herself to filmmaking. Today’s Dietitian sat down with Joanes to learn about the inspiration behind FRESH.


Field Notes

Teens More Likely to Cross-Contaminate Raw Food Than Adults

A Kansas State University study has shown that when preparing frozen foods, adolescents are less likely than adults to wash their hands and are more susceptible to cross-contaminating raw foods while cooking.

“While half of the adults we observed washed their hands after touching raw chicken, none of the adolescents did,” says Casey Jacob , a food safety research assistant. “The nonexistent hand-washing rate, combined with certain age-specific behaviors like hair flipping and scratching in a variety of areas, could lead directly to instances of cross-contamination compared to the adults.”


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Nutrition support in pancreatitis

Combating heart disease in firefighters

Health food shopping hurdles

Prebiotics/probiotics for infants and children

12-month to-do list for 2010

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