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February 2011
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The Healthcare Reform Puzzle — How Does Social Work Fit?
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Editor’s E-Note

Mental health professionals are well aware that the stigma of seeking mental health services still exists. While public awareness of the importance of mental health in overall well-being has likely improved, fear and misunderstanding still discourage individuals from seeking help and prevent family and friends from encouraging or sometimes insisting that loved ones receive mental health services. We need only look to the events in Tucson last month to see how harmful the failure to obtain appropriate and timely mental health services can be.

Overcoming the stigma of seeking mental health services is a positive step on a path to better health, a path that clinicians should make as easy and comfortable as possible. This month’s E-News Exclusive is written by a therapist who has found that what may seem to be an insignificant detail in the therapist’s office can make a difference in the way a client perceives the relationship with the therapist in terms of availability, engagement, and authenticity.

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— Marianne Mallon, editor
E-News Exclusive

New Reflections From the ‘Other Side of the Desk’
By Julie A. Niven, LCSW, DCSW, MAC

In October 2002, Social Work Today published the article “Reflections From the ‘Other Side of the Desk’” by Lloyd L. Lyter, PhD. The article described a day when Lyter returned from an office errand and found a long-time client sitting behind his desk. He invited the client to remain at his desk through the session while Lyter took the customary client chair. He described how the different placements seemed to promote the client while diminishing his own experience. Lyter suggested that such an experience is valuable to both broaden the clinician’s awareness as well as to the therapeutic work itself.

Over the span of my career, I have occupied a variety of office spaces. In many ways, they have all been similar. Each contained a desk, a desk chair, and one or two chairs for clients. Beginning in graduate school, I was trained to sit at a desk with the client seated alongside or most often across from the desk. Over the course of almost 15 years, no supervisor or colleague ever suggested I organize the office seating arrangement any other way.

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Military Mental Health Screenings Reduce Postdeployment Psychiatric Problems
The Los Angeles Times reports that soldiers' predeployment mental health screenings helps reduce psychiatric or behavioral problems by more than three quarters.

Mental Health Cuts Opposed in Wake of Recent Killings
The Boston Globe reports that reduction of the number of state psychiatric beds is in question after mental health workers were killed.

After Tucson Shootings, Johns Hopkins Psychiatrist Speaks on Attitudes Toward Mental Illness interviews Larry Wissow, MD, MPH, on the stigma of mental illness and helping individuals exhibiting symptoms get the help they need.

U.S Researchers Find Newer Antipsychotic Drugs Overused
MSNBC reports on a study showing that newer, atypical antipsychotic medications may be used inappropriately.

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