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February 2011
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“A recent survey of patients who went to the ER with belly complaints found that those who received extensive testing—including CT scans and blood work—were more likely to feel confident with their care than those who didn’t. More worrisome, over 70% of the same sample vastly underestimated the risk of the cumulative radiation exposure for the CT scans, and many of them did not recall accurately if they had ever received this test before.”

Zachary F. Maisel, MD, as quoted in the Time magazine article “Why Belly Pain Is Such a Headache for ER Doctors”

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Editor’s E-Note

Performing deep-brain stimulation surgery in an MRI suite allows real-time image-guided treatment of patients with Parkinson’s disease. In its early cases, a new surgical system has allowed surgeons to place electrodes within 0.5 mm of their intended targets. Such accuracy is pretty important when the goal is implanting electrodes deep into the human brain. Read about it in this month’s E-News Exclusive.

— Jim Knaub, editor

E-News Exclusive

MRI-Guidance Brings New Precision to Parkinson’s Treatment

An MRI-guided surgical technique developed at the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) Medical Center may bring new precision to deep-brain stimulation surgery used to treat patients with Parkinson’s disease and other motion disorders.

Neurosurgeons at UCSF have been using deep-brain stimulation for more than a decade to reduce involuntary movements and improve mobility in patients with Parkinson’s disease. The procedure involves implanting a battery-operated brain stimulator electrode into movement-controlling structures in the brain. The stimulator overrides abnormal electrical patterns in those structures to reduce involuntary movement.

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What’s on IR’s Plate in 2011

The latest digital supplement from Radiology Today takes a look at key issues in interventional radiology for the coming year and how interventional radiologists are working to advance their practice and the subspecialty. This special supplement also covers several other clinical and economic issues and features an interview with incoming SIR President Tim Murphy, MD.

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Swamped With CDs
Patients typically arrive with CDs instead of film jackets. How imaging facilities handle those discs is an important matter. What images are imported and kept? How do images fit into the medical record. How do you manage the physical discs? That’s the topic of February’s cover story.
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Technology Update: CT
Our annual look at what’s new in scanner technology. Read More »

Women’s Imaging Section
Obesity and osteoporosis, ultrasound elastography, preoperative breast MRI, and the value of patient support systems in decreasing breast cancer mortality are topics discussed in this section. Read More »

Imaging Autism With MRI
Neuroradiologists and neurologists are using fMRI in an attempt to unlock the secrets of autism. Read More »

On the Case
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Other Imaging News

FDA Approves First MRI-Compatible Pacemaker
Medtronic’s Revo pacemaker is the first to receive FDA approval for use in certain MR exams, according to this press release.

Breast Cancer Study Questions Value of Many Lymph Node Surgeries
Surgeons routinely remove cancerous armpit lymph nodes in women being treated for breast cancer. A new study highlighted in The New York Times shows it does not save lives in women with early stage cancers.

Cardiac Imaging Raises Cancer Risk
Canadian researchers report how the risk of cancer increased significantly in patients exposed to low-dose ionizing radiation cardiac imaging after heart attack, according to this MedPage Today article.

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