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September 2009
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Other News

South Florida Leaders Push for Stimulus Dollars for EMRs
Florida officials are reviving two e-health projects to pursue stimulus funding, the Sun-Sentinel reports.

Research Trove:
Patients’ Online Data

The New York Times examines how online communities have the potential to transform medical research.

Industry Insight

Creighton Files Patent for Electronic Patient Care Tool

Creighton University Intellectual Resources Management has filed a patent for a novel electronic program to coordinate patient healthcare, called eWellRx, that could help healthcare providers, patients, and companies improve health and reduce healthcare costs.

Tom Lenz, PharmD, an associate professor of pharmacy practice in the School of Pharmacy and Health Professions, developed eWellRx after Creighton officials were unable to find anything similar on the market to assist with a one-year pilot project to help employees reduce their risk for cardiovascular disease.


Editor’s E-Note

Between the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and its partner, the HITECH Act, there are enough changes headed down the pike to keep even the most astute HIPAA folks scrambling for answers.

Often overlooked in the process is how the mandates will affect the transcription industry. As you’ll read in this issue’s E-News Exclusive, it could rearrange how companies do business.

— Lee DeOrio, editor

E-News Exclusive
Rac Runner

New Laws Will Challenge Transcription Businesses
By Brenda J. Hurley,

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) and its Title XIII called the HITECH Act greatly expand on HIPAA compliance requirements. The ARRA has introduced the first federally mandated data breach notification requirement, and the HITECH Act has expanded the data privacy and security requirements that had been required previously by covered entities now to business associates (ie, medical transcription services). Business associates will also be subject to civil and criminal penalties, including a provision that allows individuals to receive financial compensation for a violation of their information.


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Rac Runner

Keep Data Contained
As healthcare information becomes more mobile, facilities face a series of new security challenges. Read more

Mission Mobility
Step inside the doors of three medical centers that have implemented wireless technologies to improve communication and speed access to patient information. Read more

Ushering in Change — ARRA Adds New Challenges to ROI Requests
HIPAA modifications included in the HITECH Act promise to revamp many release-of-information processes, according to industry experts, who say hospitals need to start educating staff on the new laws. Read more

A Toxic Mix: Coding for Sepsis and SIRS
For years, experts have questioned the logic behind the rules that govern the guidelines for properly recording the presence of these two conditions. Read more

Ask the Expert
New England Medical Transcription

Have a coding or transcription question?
Get an expert answer by sending an e-mail to

This month’s selection:
A patient was admitted from an outside source with a portion of a catheter that was retained in the right ventricle of the heart. A catheter was inserted via the groin and maneuvered into the ventricle with a snare attached, and the foreign body was safely removed. I have been unable to find a suitable code for this procedure.

Pinkie M. Scott, RHIT
Coding Manager, HIS Department
Provena Saint Joseph Medical Center
Joliet, Ill.

Jonathan MacKenzie, CCS, internal quality assurance coordinator for Precyse Solutions, referred to Faye Brown’s ICD-9 Coding Handbook With Answers to help answer this question. According to this resource, the coder is expected to locate the code via the alphabetic index and then verify the code number in the tabular list. Significant discrepancies are an alert that a different term may be needed to index; however, Faye Brown also advises that “it may be necessary for coders to review the title for the chapter, section, and category in order to be sure the correct code has been identified.”


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