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Editor’s E-Note

Many healthcare facilities are looking for ways to cut expenses as they ride out the financial downturn. Is cancer registry ripe for cutbacks? In our E-News Exclusive, a department manager says it would be foolish to slash staff. In fact, now might be the time to add qualified registrars.

— Lee DeOrio, editor

E-News Exclusive

Keeping Registries Staffed in Tough Times
By Ellen R. Kolender, RHIA, CTR

Just as cancer registries were beginning to move out of the basement or the medical records department to find homes in the cancer center, the outlook has changed, and their mere existence is now in jeopardy. Staff numbers are being reexamined, as healthcare leaders have focused much of their attention on the budget.

Each day, registry staff find it more difficult to keep up with their workload, while hospitals fight to stay financially afloat. The economy’s current state has impacted hospitals’ payer mix, as patients have less insurance coverage or none at all. Cancer patients are especially vulnerable because insurance companies determine procedure approval, as well as medication or chemotherapy coverage. At the same time, elective procedures are being placed on hold.


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Industry Insight

Impac Software Selects 2009 Cancer Registrar of the Year

Impac Software, part of the Elekta Group, recently presented the 2009 Impac Software Registrar of the Year award to Deanna Derdelinghen, a certified tumor registrar (CTR(R)) at Stamford Hospital’s Bennett Cancer Center in Connecticut.

The company’s Registrar of the Year program honors cancer registrars who make valuable contributions to the success of their registry and extend their contributions to benefit the broader medical facility and community. This year, Impac received 46 nominations for 14 nominees, all of whom demonstrated an impressive level of professionalism and expertise.


Other News

EMR Adoption Moving Slowly in LA Region
The Daily Breeze reports that while medical facilities in the Los Angeles area have made progress toward EMR adoption, it has not come without challenges.

No Interoperability, No Stimulus Cash
The Obama administration recently warned that hospitals unwilling to share electronic records with competitors could miss out on their share of stimulus funding, according to the Dallas Morning News.

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