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January 2010
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Times Are Hard for Rural Elders
Older adults living in rural areas face many challenges in addition to those encountered in the normal course of aging, according to an article in The New York Times.

Woman Accused of Murdering Nursing Home Roommate
Sometimes the behavior of older adults who reside in nursing home takes shocking turns, as in this USA Today article.

Shahbazim: New Nursing Home Trend
The trend toward shahbaz, or more intimate community living for older adults, provides the comfort and feel of home and more efficient care, according to an article in the Democrat and Chronicle

Medicare Fraud Costs $60 Million
Rampant Medicare fraud continues to increase U.S. healthcare costs, according to a recent article in USA Today.

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Life in the Rear-View Mirror
Older adults’ life review preserves elders’ life histories for family, friends, and the community, reinforcing the value and importance of the individual’s existence. Read more

Delaying Parkinson’s Disease
Emerging evidence shows the positive effect a regular fitness agenda can have on the course of Parkinson’s disease. Read more

Medication’s Impact on Falls
Inappropriate medication use leading to medication-related falls has been a concern since the 1990s when criteria for inappropriate medication use were first developed. Read more

Editor’s E-Note

Costs for long-term care continue to outpace increases in many other areas. And experts agree that these costs will likely continue their daunting growth. Coupled with recent overwhelming losses to boomers’ retirement savings, the numbers bring the long-term care scenario into frightening focus.

Many older adults underestimate the costs associated with long-term care. And many hope they’ll be lucky enough to dodge the bullets—strokes, heart attacks, debilitating falls, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and myriad others. Unfortunately, hope is not a strategy.

Boomers must come to terms with the realities of long-term care and the significant possibility that they’ll need it at some point. Planning for the future requires prudent and pragmatic preparation to ensure accessibility to necessary care. Encourage your patients and clients to give long-term care possibilities serious consideration.

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— Barbara Worthington, editor

E-News Exclusive

Nursing Home Rates Increase at Astounding Pace
By Barbara Worthington

For $80,000 you could buy a flashy new Cadillac XLR, get an MBA degree, or take several extravagant trips. Or you could use that same $80,000 to pay for a single year in an American nursing home. That’s right. The cost for only one year is about $80,000 and undoubtedly headed upward, according to the “2009 MetLife Market Survey of Nursing Home, Assisted Living, Adult Day Services, and Home Care Costs.”

At the end of 2009, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics found that the Consumer Price Index was down 1.3% from only one year ago. Over the course of 2009, energy and fuel prices dropped, as did retail food prices. But the same period saw notable increases in costs to residents of nursing homes and assisted living facilities.


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