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Very Strong Legacy - As a medical nutrition therapist, I recommend VSL#3 to my patients who are living with IBS or UC because it works. For IBS, while there is no known cause or cure, incorporating VSL#3 high-potency probiotic medical food into one’s daily diet, along with learning which foods trigger the uncomfortable symptoms of IBS, can prove to be very beneficial. For more information or to request a sample. Click here: Strongly Recommended.
We know the stress dietary issues can have on your patient’s life. VSL#3’s long history based on recognized scientific principles is supported by over 190 studies and reviews. VSL#3 probiotic medical food contains 8 strains of live bacteria that provide specific nutritional requirements that come from having a medical condition, such as IBS, which cannot be met by simply modifying your patient’s diet.

For an even more potent probiotic, you can recommend VSL#3 DS (double strength). Each sachet of VSL#3 DS delivers 900 billion live bacteria, making it one of the most potent probiotics on the market. VSL#3 DS’s superior potency makes it the clear recommendation, and the strongest choice for patients with ulcerative colitis.
VSL#3 is a high potency probiotic medical food for the dietary management of UC, an ileal pouch and IBS. It must be used under medical supervision.
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