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“There is no better enzyme brand for practitioners than Enzyme Science.”  

- Dr. Michael Murray
Author of over 30 books on natural medicine.

Introducing Enzyme Science

From the #1 Selling Enzyme Brand in the USA, Enzymedica

We have pioneered the development of supplemental enzymes since 1998, with the introduction of an exclusive "Thera-blend" process to blend multiple enzymes for maximum activity across the wide pH ranges found in the body.*

Our Guarantee

  • Exceptional quality and purity
  • Absolutely no fillers
  • 100% Vegetarian formulas 
  • Vegan and Kosher when available
  • Superior results and patient satisfaction

If you would be interested in learning more how enzymes may integrate with your practice, please reach out to us at 855.281.7246 or

In Health, 
Your Enzyme Science Team

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Discover Enzyme Science, The Practitioner Division of Enzymedica
Enzyme Science: Introduction
The Leader In Natural Digestive Health
Increases Telomerase Activity*

Telomeres have been a crucial component of anti-aging research.
Advanced Digestion*

Critical Digestion™ is one of the most potent enzyme and probiotic combination products available. 
Ultimate Food Intolerance Support*
Intolerance Complex™ covers all of the major food intolerances, including gluten, dairy, casein and phenols.* 
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