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Thank you for your continued support of Today's Dietitian. Below is information from one of our sponsors:
Hershey's® low fat and fat free milk
Great Taste! Amazing Convenience.
Diversified Foods, Inc. can supply your organization with Hershey’s shelf-stable white, chocolate and strawberry milk products, whose great taste is matched only by their convenience. It’s REAL milk from family-owned farms.

With a 12-month shelf-life, the products can be bought in bulk and refrigerated when ready to use, making them perfect for schools, day-care centers, hospitals, sports teams, cruise ships, senior centers and food banks.

We look forward to meeting everyone at the Today’s Dietitian Spring Symposium in Austin, Texas. Be sure to look us up, sample our products, and learn how they could be a perfect fit for your business or organization.

We also have a wealth of information on our website, Follow us on Facebook (@Diversifiedfoods) and on Twitter (@DFI_Inc).
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