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Study Confirms Room Service Improves Nutritional Intake by 17%

"Room service improves nutritional intake," is one claim in a recent study published in The Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. The peer-reviewed study confirms what dietitians in hospitals have believed for some time. This research, conducted at the Mater Hospitals in Brisbane, Australia, also proves that room service boosts patient satisfaction scores while reducing plate waste and meal costs.

The study shows that when hospitals deploy room service:

  • Patient Energy Intake increased from 1306 to 1588 kilocalories per day,
    meeting 75% of daily energy requirements
  • Patient Protein Intake increased from 52 to 66 grams per day,
    meeting 85% of daily protein requirements
  • Total plate waste decreased 17%
  • Patient meal costs decreased 15%
  • Press Ganey scores increased overall satisfaction from the 68th to the 86th percentile

The full study can be found here (PDF).

Room service has long been recommended as a way to improve patient satisfaction while reducing food waste, but no previous study had been able to comprehensively demonstrate the impact of room service on patients' nutritional intake. "Comparison of nutritional intake between a traditional foodservice model and room service showed statistically significant increases with room service in both energy and protein intake," the article states.

Mater Hospitals knew a technology solution was necessary to achieve their goals. After an exhaustive competitive process, Mater chose CBORD® as the preferred vendor based on decades of experience gained from designing the industry's most secure and robust platform to support the complex room service process—Room Service Choice®.

Managing multiple complex diet orders is a challenge most hospitals cannot successfully meet without technology to integrate their nutritional and food production processes with information in patient health records. CBORD technology reduces risk and cost in hospital nutrition, and now we know Room Service Choice is the technology proven to benefit patient health and wellness, which increases satisfaction for all.

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